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2007 DeWitt Design

Big Jab ACT 150 race recap

The Team was very pleased with tonight's race! Martin started 8th in the feature. Car was tight. The teams decision to pit for an adjustment during first caution fairly early in race proved to be an excellent decision. The car came to Martin and he was able to pull off a 6th place finish! Congrats to Martin and his crew! Job well done!


Big Jab ACT 150 at OPS preview (click here for news link)


Lee USA Speedway Governors cup 150 race recap

Saturday practice at Lee went great. Car was fast all day long, posting top 5 in speeds out of 50 plus cars in every practice. Sunday practice went well also. Heat race, started 12th and finished 6th.  Consi race Shawn started 3rd and won it. This gave us a 3rd place starting position for the race. The 1st 40 laps or so the car was decent and we ran in the top 5. Then the car became progressively looser and fell back to a 14th place finish. The team is thinking something mechanical may have gone wrong in the car. We will take the car apart and investigate before Oxford.